The Conester - The Cone Shaped Anti Spill Drink Coaster

Key Features

Super Strength

The Conester base is fitted with Tacky-Tech technology. This material adheres itself to virtually ANY surface without adhesive, making it impossible to tip over!


The Conester is designed to fit multiple shapes and sizes of drinkware. With the included snug zone insert, even skinnier cups with handles will feel secure.

Water Protection

When your drinkware begins to sweat, the Conester's interior design is sure to keep all condensation from ever reaching your table surfaces.

The Failure of Traditional Coasters

Water Damage

The original design of the coaster is to be a barrier between your glass and your table. But against a glass of sweet tea on a summer day the average coaster is no match. Condensation collects and begins its vendetta on table finishes. The Conester is anything but average.

Easy to Knock Over

With regular coasters, the only thing keeping your drink upright is gravity. But make a careless mistake and gravity becomes an enemy. You'll appreciate that the Conester is anti kids, anti pets, and anti clumsy guests. Your furniture and floors will appreciate it as well. 

Spills are Expensive

We all know electronics, like Superman, have a debilitating weakness. Superman's is kryptonite and your electronics' is water. Repairing a laptop due to water can break the bank. The same can be said of your furniture or carpet. Though small, the Conester is a heroic investment!

Take it from happy owners!

Might be in my top three favorite kickstarter projects I've backed & received. Lived up to all of its claims.

– Mark

Conesters are perfect for people with cats! I can finally use real glasses again without the fear of a cat knocking it over. :)

– Suzanne

Knocked my whole coffee table over, and only thing that stayed was my Conester. This thing is no joke!

– Jamaal

2 weeks ago I spilled my drink all over my laptop.The repair bill cost me an arm and a leg! I wish I would have bought my Conester sooner.

– Terry

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