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Other Happy Customers

Might be in my top three favorite kickstarter projects I've backed & received. Lived up to all of its claims.


How does this company make any money? The more Conesters I added to my cart the lower the price got! Wow.


Conesters are perfect for people with cats! I can finally use real glasses again wiithout fear of the cat haha :)


Knocked my whole coffee table over, and only thing that stayed was my Conester. This thing is no joke! 


What is the Conester™?

Listen to the crazy inventor

Invented for the desk. Perfect for everywhere!

How strong is the Conester™

Comparison; coffee cup being spilled and other coffee mug in a conester protected from clumsy hands.

The Power of Tacky-Tech™

The first time you experience the power of The Conester™, you're sure it must "glued" to the table. You pull and push and it just doesn't budge. But, with a simple twist The Conester™ detaches faster than Grandma's wig on date night! All thanks to the power of Tacky-Tech™. 

Gif showing how that multiple cups, mugs, glasses fit in the cup holder.

Fits Big and Small

With its removable snug zone EVA foam insert, The Conester™ tries to be as inclusive and universal as possible. Protecting drinks of all shapes and sizes is the mantra of the super hero of coasters. And when you're NOT using the insert, it conveniently tucks up underneath.

a drill trying to cut a hole in the table to add a cup holder insert

No Tools Necessary

Always felt like the coffee table next to your recliner should have a cup holder? Instantly install one without any cutting, drilling, or hammering! You're only Bob Villa in your dreams. Don't ruin your table, order The Conester™ now!

But, I already have coasters.

I'm glad you brought that up. Coasters are the reason The Conester was invented! Don't worry though, coasters are great for leveling tables.

red cup spilled with coaster with laptop on table

They're Pro-Spill!

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, each time expecting different results" - Albert Einstein . How true is this when it comes to the design of the standard table coaster? Very true! So true, that the design of the standard table top coaster has not changed in over 300 years and HAS NEVER STOPPED A DRINK FROM SPILLING. Grandma scolds you for not using a coaster on her "beautiful" Formica coffee table, and when you do you still end up knocking it over 5 minutes later staining one of her 2,000 hand stitched doilies, which just happens to be her "favorite." What's the purpose? Its time to upgrade the coaster with THE CONESTER! 

Red cup on coaster with a puddle of condensation water on the table

Not the table!

Ok, let's say Mr/Mrs Spills-a-lot, by some small chance manages to NOT knock over their glass? What happens next is all too common. Their glass begins to sweat and is quickly surrounded by a damaging amount of H2O, which then runs over the edge like a mini destructive Niagara Falls raking havoc on your table surface. This could have been avoided, if first these "guests" would just clean up after themselves, and secondly if their drink was sitting in The World's Strongest Cup Holder a.k.a. The Conester! 

a guy spilling coffee on his computer

2 cool for Coasters?

We have all been guilty of this! And some of us have paid dearly for this. That shiny new laptop WAS worth $2,000, but now is nothing more than an oversized paper weight. The now permanent ring on the table has left us many nights sleeping in the dog house. If only there was a way to instantly install the perfect cup holder and have the security that YOU"RE AN ADULT AND YOU CAN PUT YOUR DRINK ANYWHERE YOU WANT! Become and adult, order The Conester! Order them for your friends, your family, become their drink saving savior!

Diagram showing the features of the conester design;