The Conester - The World's Strongest Cup Holder

About us


 Established in 2016, Fox Valley Novelties is a Sole Proprietorship dedicated wholly to bringing new and unique products to the marketplace. Ideas that make people say, "Why didn't I think of that?" are what we strive for! Our first product, The Conester, was successfully funded via awesome #backers on Kickstarter, and we will continue in the future to bring ideas to the "crowds" to make sure they are viable for the consumer world!


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About Me

My name is Tyler, and I am the inventor of the Conester and the Sole Proprietor of Fox Valley Novelties! Just a regular guy chasing a dream! Growing up in a farm community I was always the kid coming up with the crazy days. I would say which a good 99% of them were not very good. Some of them were downright dangerous! ;) 

But today I am here chasing a dream! After creating a very ugly prototype in the beginning and learning to develop into an actual product is an experience I am very proud of! Its amazing the amount of knowledge I have had to learn in the past couple years. From successful prototype to manufacturing, to distribution! And there is still a lot to learn! The Conester is and will always be my favorite invention, but there are a hundred more from where it came from!

Whats most exciting is knowing how much faster I can bring the next product to life! So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your purchase or even just checking out what this Conester thing is all about!

Feel free to reach out to me! 


Our Partners

For all our prototyping CAD work and design solutions, we have exclusively partnered up with Brian Walt of Walt3d. Great work and lightning fast delivery is what we became so accustomed to from working with Brian. Serious professionalism and a great eye for detail is what you can expect. Check him out at


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