FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA ON ORDERS OF $35 OR MORE! All Conesters at 50 percent off!
FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA ON ORDERS OF $35 OR MORE! All Conesters at 50 percent off!



1) Cone Shape - Certain shapes are hard to knock over! One being the shape of a cone. Similar to a traffic cone, The Conester's shape helps deflect all out forces downward instead of side to side.

 2) Condensation Reservior - The internal cavity of The Conester is sunken from the handle gap making sure all condensation from the sweatiest of glasses keeps from ever reaching your table preventing water damage.

3) Handle Gap - The Conester is accepting of most drinkware.One in particular is the handled mug.  We made sure that even the bulkiest of handles would rest easily within the safe walls of The Conester.

4) Snug Zone - Even smaller cups and glasses have a snug fit in The Conester with the snug zone foam insert which can also be removed for larger drinkware.

5) Tacky Tech Poly Pad - Ultimately the best feature of The Conester! This pad, which has been fused to the base of the shell, attaches itself to any type of surface WITHOUT the use of an adhesive. And with a simple twist the pad releases its grip and ready to go wherever you are!

6) Snug Zone Storage Cavity - When not in use, store the Snug Zone foam insert within the bottom cavity of The Conester's shell. That way you'll never lose it!

Fits Most Drinkware


 You have an arsenal of your favorite cups and mugs. So we designed the Conester with dimensions that secure and accommodate the majority of drinkware. Trust us, we bought out nearly every resale thrift store around to test!