The Conester - The Cone Shaped Anti Spill Drink Coaster


1) Low Center of Gravity - Similar to a traffic cone, the cone shape helps deflect all outside forces downward towards the base instead of side to side.
2) Tacky Tech - Fitted with tacky tech technology, the base attaches to any surface without the use of adhesive and can stand up to the strongest of bumps.
3) Handle Gap - For far too long cup holders have given mugs the cold shoulder. The Conester holds no prejudice towards mugs with its built in handle gap.
4) Snug Zone - Not only will larger cups and mugs feel secure in The Conester, but because of the Snug Zone insert, even small drinks fit perfectly.
5) Snug Zone Storage - When not in use, the Snug Zone fits underneath in the open cavity of the shell.
6) Condensation Reservoir - The Conester's interior design keeps all liquid and condensation from escaping to the table, preventing water damage.

Fits Most Drinkware


 You have an arsenal of your favorite cups and mugs. So we designed the Conester with dimensions that secure and accommodate the majority of drinkware. Trust us, we bought out nearly every resale thrift store around to test!

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