The Conester - The Cone Shaped Anti Spill Drink Coaster

The Conester - White
The Conester - White The Conester - White The Conester - White The Conester - White The Conester - White

The Conester - White

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Product Description

We have all spilled a drink at some point in our lives. Liquid is a natural enemy to any carpet, furniture, or electronic device. Which is why the team at Fox Valley designed The Conester: the Cone Shaped Anti Spill Drink Coaster

With it's geometric shape, all outside forces are directed downward toward the base, making it almost impossible to tip over. And if that's not enough, the bottom of your Conester is fitted with super grip poly pads. This pad, without any adhesive, attaches itself to any surface, but with just a simple twist and pull, it's also portable and ready to protect your drink anywhere.

It fits most cups, glasses, and mugs, and if your beverage container happens to have a handle, your Conester is designed with a handle gap to accommodate that morning cup of joe. It's a must for any office, and a life saver for anyone with kids.

Product Details
  • Color: White
  • Materials: ABS Plastic
  • Measurements: 5.25"Dia x 3"H

— Tip-Proof Cone Shaped Geometry (Low Center Gravity)
— Highly Durable ABS Plastic Construction 
— Accommodates Most Shapes and Sizes
— Condensation Reservoir (Condensation NEVER finds its way to the table)
— Handle Gap for Mug Handles
— Juggernaut Strength Tacky Tech Fitted on Every Base


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